A Deep Look Into The Culture Of Dubai

Dubai is considered heaven for the modern shoppers. But what most people overlook is the fact that it is also home to some of the finest architectural development in the entire world. To put it in simple words, the culture of the city is based on historical Islamic architecture, souks and a wide variety of attractions that make it possible for you to take a deep look into the basics of the region before it was introduced to an entire world of modernization.

Considering the fact that shopping happens to be the most common activity that all tourists take part in, it is highly recommended for you to visit the souks if you are interested in getting a feel of the old markets. For those who don’t know, souk is an Arabic word which translates into ‘market’. In a traditional setting, souks are basically places where you can buy and sell products that are used on a daily basis.

If you are more so interested in experiencing the traditional Arabic marketplace, then it is best for you to pay a visit to the smaller, more traditional souks that are located in many different parts of the city. These souks are known to sell a range of things. This includes traditional souvenirs, crafts, clothes, raw meat, spices, jewelry and different food items. These are the perfect shopping destination for people interested in purchasing traditional items. The best part is that a bit of negotiation can easily make it possible for you to land a few great deals.

Dubai also has a world of amazing opportunities for art lovers. For instance, countless art enthusiasts visit this Emirate on a yearly basis to visit the ever famous Miraj Islamic Art Gallery. This particularly gallery has long gained immense fame for exhibiting endless collections of Islamic art that was created in the Middle East a long time ago. When you take a look at the collection, you are sure to come across beautiful exhibitions of Iranian carpets, Turkish brass engravings and jeweled Indian dresses. The best part is that is also home to some of the finest contemporary art works along with antique pieces. Most importantly, many items in the collection are on sale, so if you want, you can easily buy them off as well.

While you are at it, do not forget to visit the Dubai museum too if you are interested in acquiring information about the culture and history of this Emirate and region at large.