Tips on buying the best school bags

As a parent you know about the pressure of heavy school bags. It is true that you cannot share their burden but what you can do actually? You can find best school bags for them that make them feel fewer burdens on their shoulders. Some researchers say that school bags are cause of back pain and can damage the spine if you don’t care about it. You should pay attention to the size and weight of the bags. You should also pay attention on construction and material of bags that what makes it better. This article will give you some important tips to buy best school bags for your kids in Dubai. 

Size of bag:

The size of the best school bags in Dubai does matter for your kids. You should not choose big size bag for your small kids, it will make them feel more burden. Best school bag for kids should be below two inches from the shoulder blades and bags bottom should not be below from the waist.

Capacity of bag:

Capacity of bag works for kids. There should be enough space to keep all essential books and other things. There should not be any unnecessary space that adds more weight in bag. For small kids bag should be 1000 cubic inches and for big boys it should be 1500 cubic inches. There should be more space in bags that can help kids to carry more things. Some companies use bags as corporate gift items in Dubai.

Material of bags:

Perfect bags is made from lightweight and durable material when you go to buy school bag you should look for synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester that have qualities of water resistant and have less weight more than other materials. Leather bags also suits to kids, and these bags have long lasting qualities. You should also check the zippers of bags. Always make sure that quality of bag is best.

Should be comfortable:

Heavy bags are not suitable for your kids; it can affect your kid’s muscles. This is the major reason that you should always consider comfortable bags for your kids. Best school bag always should have adjustable shoulder straps, that they can adjust it according to burden.

Styles of bag:

Before buying school bags ask your kid about their favorite colors and styles they like the most. It will make you kid happy and satisfy.