want to apply a window tint? here’s how its easily done!

Window tinting is a lengthy process that requires attention and a lot of patience. If you’re consulting any company that offers professional services for window tinting in Dubai or window films, Dubai, then it’s fine, but if you’re planning to do it on your own and trying it for the first time then you need to know some tips to apply it safely.

To make sure it doesn’t look awful and perfectly in shape, we have come up with 5 easy tips to apply a window tint for you. Let’s see them below.

1. Check if the tint complies with local laws

The first and foremost point is to check the state laws regarding window tinting. According to the regulations, window tinting must allow 50% light to pass through the windows with a clear windshield.

2. Gather all the right supplies

Make sure to gather all the right supplies after choosing the best window tint for you. Before installing it, it’s a good idea to check the weather so that the process doesn’t slow down and you aren’t interrupted during the application.

3. Prepare accordingly

Clean your car first before applying the tint, this also applies to your home or office depending on the location you are choosing for window tinting. So make sure to clean the windows and wash them before the application. Wash the entire vehicle and dry it with a soft paper towel. Check that all areas are properly cleaned with glass cleaner to prepare for the application.

4. Avoid and Remove Bubbles

The process is painstaking. Just be careful and stay attentive before even starting out the whole process. Start working diagonally from the top left corner with old credit care to avoid bubbles during the application. You can even use a heat gun to adjust the film evenly with the glass. This ensures the water to evaporate which is used to apply the tint to improve its adhesion.

5. Care for Window Tint Properly

After the application of the window tint, at least wait for three or four days so that it doesn’t break down. Clean the windows with ammonia-free glass cleaner and soft paper towel for more than a month. To protect it as much as possible, park your car inside a garage or in a shade and wash the car carefully.