Advantages and disadvantages of going to a chiropractor

Chiropractors align the spine of the patients through various manipulation tactics. The initial rounds for chiropractic adjustment in Dubai would be about noting down your health history. The health history is important as those suffering from less bone density are treated mildly so that they might not get their body damage. The chiropractor uses his/her hands to apply rapid or controlled force on your affected area. The velocity to be used, plus the body position during the therapy are all determined by the chiropractor who first judges your condition.

Chiropractor treats many muscular problems. You can look at this guide below to know the benefits and disadvantages of chiropractor treatment.


Chiropractic treatment cures the sciatica. This condition causes pinching of nerves that leads to pin in the lower leg. Studies and researches have been carried out using patients being treated with chiropractor treatment and the experiments have showed 90 percent success rate of the treatment. The chiropractic treatment also treats neck pain. The debilitating pain of frozen shoulder is also treated through the treatment. Athletes benefit majorly from the treatment as they get naturally healed and their immune system boosts. Their profession demands putting a lot of strain on the body, the treatment eases up the muscles to reduce muscle tension. It even provides mental peace and relief with the soothing treatment. All the respiratory issues are also treated. This manual treatment is far better than the other costly and riskier treatments. You have natural way of easing out of the medical condition you are in.


A study showed that treating neck pain through chiropractic therapies have a risk of stokes being associated with them. The neck is a delicate body part, and any sudden movement and jerks can be fatal. Any ruptured artery or broken nerve can be dangerous. As much as chiropractic treatment is beneficial the added risks mean you have to think twice of your decision. Especially if you have bone density issues or you have weak bones, the chiropractic treatment is not for you. this is why the doctors first assess you through your health history to see if the treatment would be a viable option for you. You shouldn’t lose hope though, as in case you are not for the treatment you will have the option of a surgery to cure your problem.