5 things to do to deal with an oily scalp and hair loss

The excess oil in your scalp attracts more dirt and can cause hair loss to happen. It’s a very common problem and there’s no need to panic since an oily scalp could be treated with some preventive measures and natural remedies.

It’s easier to avoid hair problems these days as many hair salons offer professional services and hair treatments to provide all the hair solutions to the people.

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So if you’re looking for some answers, we have made a list of 5 things to do to deal with an oily scalp and hair loss.

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1. Eat a proper diet

Eating harmful and oily foods can be bad for your scalp’s health. Having a proper diet that includes more protein and minerals can prevent your scalp from getting excess oil and can even keep your hair healthy and shiny. You can even add fish and eggs to your diet for best hair results.

2. Use a good Shampoo

Choose your shampoo carefully. Try washing your hair more frequently so your scalp doesn’t get oily or greasy.  Gentle massage your scalp after applying the shampoo and make sure that you rinse your hair well so that there is no shampoo left on your scalp or in your hair.

3. Avoid using Conditioner on Scalp

Never use a conditioner on your scalp. Though it’s a good idea to use a conditioner after using shampoo on your hair because it gives a soft touch to your hair but using it on the scalp can either make it greasier or dry which is not a good sign at all. Use it for the tips of your tresses only.

4. Avoid straighteners or curling wand

Using heat tools such as straighteners or curling wand can damage your hair faster resulting in more hair loss and weak hair. It’s good to use these products sometimes but using them too frequently can actually damage your hair in the longer run.

5. Clean your brush

Using an unclean brush on your hair can produce more oil on your scalp making it more dirty and unhealthy. Therefore, use a clean brush to comb your hair and wash your brush at least once a week to keep your hair and scalp healthy.